Quality Assurance 

Raw Material to finished products are tested properly in Physical and chemical Laboratory. Our Products in process are inspected at every stage, certified, then moved to the next operation waiting. Every product under goes the strictest inspection because, we know our customers are quality conscious. The inspection and quality control department remain in the picture right from the raw material to shipment.

Raw Material Testing

We take utmost care in the raw material test, as we purchase the same from ven- repute approved raw material sources in bulk and the same is getting tested as per relevant national & International specifications to ensure the quality of finish product. And we are doing cross checking of checked every lot from NABL Govt. Approved lab to avoid any type of rejection.

Laboratory Facilities 

We have our own testing laboratory, which is fully equipped with all the facilities for different types of chemical and mechanical tests. We conduct tests on our products regularly during the different stages of manufacturing process. List of testing instruments are available in our factory lab.

In process Inspection 

We have quality conscious skilled staff those look after the production process at every stage according to the required parameters and standard specifications right from the raw material, during the whole production process as per ISO 9001-2015 Instructions.

Physical Testing

We have all modernized testing equipments & special Jig fixtures to check the all tests as per relevant specifications. And we do all tests like Head soundness, Hardness, Tensile test, Wedge test, Proof test, Cantilever, Impact, Twist Test. Permanent Load & Permanent Set test and other tests to ensure consistency, quality and durability.


This is treated as most important process. We have the trained as well as experienced man power to ensure only the right product should reach to our buyers as per our quality plans.

Final Checking

We understand the importance of quality of our product which is to be used in various sensitive projects. So we have obtained a policy to check the finished products as per our SMQP. (Standard Manufacturing Quality Plan) before the delivery, to ensure the quality and also the packing is done as per buyer's specification/Packing list, according to national & International Specification. 


Hot Dip Galvanizing, Electro Galvanizing, Electro plating, Phosphate, Green-Black-Red yellow Zinc Passivation, Auto blackening, Cadmium Plating etc